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Hand crafted Merchandise

Over the years our company has grown from being a one-person team to over twelve people. With growth like this, you also need to expand and grow with the business so we decided to try a different product. These hand-crafted products are made in-house. Cut, sanded and painted all with the help of our other hard-working employees.

All prices are tax included. Shipping is extra if you're outside our local area.


leash holderrrr - Copy.JPG


Paw Print Leash holder

These leash holders are perfect to get those leashes off the floors or chairs. 

Add a cute and colourful paw print to your wall.

Comes in dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, red


Game controller and Headphone holder

This controller holder is the perfect way to never loose your controller or headphones again.

controller holder.JPG
battle shot 2.JPG


Flip Cup battle Shot

This Game is a great way to get your competitive side out and try and beat your friends.

Comes in black and white.


Watch holder

These watch holders are a great addition to your other jewelry stands. Handmade and stained.

Come in three colours walnut, maple, and black

watch stands.JPG
phone standssss - Copy.JPG


Phone Stand

This phone stand is great for your bed side table, to hold your phone, headphones and watch.

Comes in Black, blue and white.


Maple Syrup Jug

This Maple Syrup Jug is a take on the golf tee game. Great for playing on your own or on a rainy day!

syrup jug 2.JPG
ring mp.JPG


Ring Toss

This ring toss game is great to play with friends, get the ring on the hook and move the shot glass.

Comes in Maple and Walnut

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